"My life for Aiur!" - show the strength of SC2 community!

"My life for Aiur!" - show the strength of SC2 community!

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void is just around the corner! Let's show world our commitment to Starcraft saga, and shout together "My life for Aiur"! Record a short video of yourself speaking "My life for Aiur", and send it to us!

We will put all videos together and release special movie at the day of Legacy of the Void premiere!

Ostatnia szansa na wysłanie filmów do akcji 'My life for Aiur'!Info: http://blizzone.pl/sc2/moje-%C5%BCycie-za-aiur-poka%C5%BCmy-si%C5%82%C4%99-starcraftowej-spo%C5%82eczno%C5%9Bci

Posted by Blizzone.pl on 1 listopada 2015

How to send a video?

Upload it to Youtube, dropbox or other hosting site than send us a link!

If I send a video, it is 100% chance You will use it?

Sure thing! If it do not contain any immoral or copyrighted materials You could be sure :)

One more time - how the video should look like?

It should be just You or your friends saying "My life for Aiur" - in any language you want. It should takie about 3-5 seconds :)